The Well - Resources

Download example sound effects, tab-separated value lists, and other resources to get started using The Well:


Example Sound and Metadata Files:

You can use the following DEKAfilm SFX library files as tutorial files to learn how to use The Well:

First download the complete sound effects folder and place it in the root level of the library location you have chosen for your copy of The Well (which you can select on the Settings tab of the Home screen).  These are the actual audio files.

Next, download the sample .TSV ("tab-separated value," or "tab-delimited") metadata files.  Importing any of the three included TSV files will take you through the same steps you would take when importing pre-existing commercial library data into The Well.

Once imported, the new records should link to their matching sound files, which have already been properly organized and named for you.  This will illustrate basic working methodology of The Well, and give you some free sound effects for your projects as a bonus.  :o)

Instead of importing TSV files, you may import the included .TWB backup file (this is actually a "restore" operation, found on the Restore tab of the Home screen).  The TWB will include licensing and format information in addition to other metadata.  If you just want the sound effects for immediate use, this is the fastest method to bring the data into The Well.

Alternate Sound Files

A different method of importing sound effects is illustrated by this alternate set of the same sound effects as above:

The audio files in this version have descriptions for filenames.  Use The Well's audio import function to copy the files into your Well  (don't forget to set a Group and Folder name for each folder you import!).  This method automatically creates organized folders of tracks on disk as well as database records in The Well that use the original file name as the description.  This should result in much the same arrangement as the pre-organized version above, but with more more opportunity for customization along the way.  This is the way you would normally import non-organized audio files whose metadata is missing or never existed in the first place.  A way to tame the chaos!

Licensing Notes

The audio files here were recorded by David E.K. Abramson and are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution (CCBY) license.  You may freely use the sound effects in your projects as long as credit is given.  See The Well for more information.

Don't Have The Well Yet?

Download The Well here.  It is free to use, copy, and modify.  It is built with, but does not require, Filemaker Pro.