On TV: Shadowhunters, ep3.11 “Lost Souls”

David Abramson News

February 2018:

Shadowhunters, ep3.11 “Lost Souls” premieres on Freeform, Monday, February 25th at 8pm.  In this Season 3B premiere, everyone mourns the loss of Clary Fray after Simon’s Mark of Cain subsumed the top floor of a building in a massive explosion that banished the greater demon Lilith, moments after Clary’s demon-blooded brother Jonathan was resurrected using a connection to Clary’s own life force.  What will give those who remain the will to carry on?

How to watch:

  • On Freeform.go.com
  • On Hulu
  • On Netflix (international markets only) – episodes appear within a day of airing