In Theaters: “Michael Jackson’s This Is It”

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Michael Jackson's This Is It artwork


Having worked with legendary director/choreographer Kenny Ortega and editor Don Brochu on High School Musical 3, fate landed me on this epic documentary about the final days of the King of Pop.  Kenny was directing Michael Jackson’s This Is It comeback tour and was only days away from a company move to London for final rehearsals when MJ passed away.

Video of the Los Angeles rehearsals became our main source of footage in creating what would become a $250 million-grossing theatrical feature documentary/concert film.  Starting out as First Assistant Editor, I was bumped up to Additional Editor after making a key contribution to “Earth Song” and went on to cut the opening of the film.

Michael Jackson’s This Is It is a unique, once-in-a-generation event.  It is a concert film, but not a concert at all.  It is a farewell to MJ, but also a re-introduction.  It is meta and of its moment, yet innocent and timeless.  It is the capstone of an era of centralized media that created stars of inconceivable fame.  And yet…

Everyone on the team knew we had a real man’s life and legacy in our hands.  So we poured heart, soul, and mind into making this film. Hopefully it shows.

Watch it with a great sound system, turned up loud.  This is some of the best music mixing you will ever hear.

How to watch: